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Homework Help: 10 Reasons Not to Use an Online Chat

Online homework help chat websites are becoming more and more common, but there are 10 reasons you shouldn’t use them.

  1. You don’t know who’s on the other end. While some homework help chat sites use certified teachers for tutors, others have much lower standards. And you will have no idea which is the case, or if the subject you are seeking help in is even the tutor’s specialty.
  2. They don’t know what your teacher expects. Most teachers are looking for more than just the right answer on homework assignments; they’re also looking to see how you arrived at the answer. Using an online homework help chat may help you get the right answer, but the tutor may teach a different approach to getting it. Try going to your teacher for help first.
  3. They don’t know how you learn. Everyone learns differently, and it will take a tutor some time to understand how you learn best. When using a different tutor each time on online help chats, the teaching style can’t be tailored for you.
  4. They don’t know the context you were taught it in. Chances are your teacher taught their lesson in a specific way for a reason. An online tutor won’t understand this, or what you’ve already learned and what’s yet to be covered, leaving you more confused than you started.
  5. They won’t be there for follow-up. It might make sense when they explain it, but when you go to do a problem on your own later, and suddenly it doesn’t anymore, an online tutor won’t be there to follow-up.
  6. There’s no accountability. You’ll be charged the same for the time by the online homework help chat website no matter how helpful the tutor actually was.
  7. Sometimes working through it on your own is best. It may take more time at first, but you’ll end up understanding it better.
  8. They won’t be there to help on a test. Even if they help you ace your homework, being dependent on an online tutor’s help won’t get you by on a test.
  9. For the same money you could hire a local tutor. This can help you avoid #3, #5, and #6.
  10. Save yourself the money and ask your parents, siblings, or friends for help. Chances are, they’re smarter than you give them credit for.

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