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Free Homework Help: Understanding the Risks

If you decide to go online and want to find help with a paper or project, there are a few risks that you want to avoid and pointers that you want to keep in mind.


One thing that may help you, is to keep in mind the fact that not everyone studies the same way. Sometimes people will give you information that is not fact, but opinion, and this may give you the wrong information, or outdated information.

Or, you may be working on a math project and it may require that you utilize a certain type of math, and if you go online for help, the person may use an older style. While you may come up with the answer, your professor may have wanted you to do a different formula to ensure that you would get the answer following the steps they outlined in your lecture materials. So you have to work to ensure that if you're utilizing help, its current and based on what you're requirements are for your class and coursework.


Another thing to consider, is that if you go online, and say for example you're trying to get a paper to help you with an assignment that's due, you may not know whether or not the person who's selling the paper to you is giving you information that hasn't already been used or sold before, and they may try to give you something that has already been used or is copyright protected.


You also want to ensure that if you're getting free homework help, for example, that you understand that sometimes people will give you information that's just blatantly incorrect. While it may sound factual, it may be the wrong answer, the wrong materials, and it may get you a bad grade and lower your GPA.

Another area that you have to be careful of and cautious with, is to ensure that the information that you received is true. There are people who will make up to specific dates and figures online, and while their paper may look like its it's the truth and legitimate with cited sources, and good references, you may find that the actual dates and figures that they utilized were incorrect because they guessed.


Because this is your grade, there are a few things you can do to ensure you are getting the correct information like:

  • Check behind the person that you're utilizing work from. You want to check the sources that they've cited, to ensure that they've given you correct information.
  • Google the figures and dates that they give you to ensure their numbers are correct.
  • Make sure you work with someone with references and a proven track record

Ultimately, when your professor asked you why your answers were incorrect, you cant say its because of what you got online. Your work is your responsibility.

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